Un faucon au milieu des corbeaux !

Les foza le voient donc si grand qu'ils le compare avec un aigle?
Les foza le voient donc si grand qu'ils le comparent avec un aigle?
Les foza le voient donc si grand qu'ils le comparent avec un aigle?

Un vieil adage indien disait qu’ « au milieu des corbeaux, le faucon est un aigle ». En d’autres termes, faute de mieux, les « petits » se disent grands dans un tout autre monde qui tourne à l’envers. Eh oui ! Le parti TGV qui se dit être « grand et bien structuré » serait prêt à affronter les urnes à la façon HAT tout en sachant que celles-ci seront organisées d’une manière unilatérale.

Pour être franc, si le parti TGV était si grand tel qu’on veuille nous le faire croire, ce coup d’Etat aurait-il dû avoir lieu ? Bien sûr que non ! Dîtes-vous bien que si Rajoelina et ses acolytes étaient sûrs que la vérité des urnes était à leur avantage, ils auraient attendu 2012 selon la Constitution et ils n’auraient pas fait ce coup d’Etat.

Ca, tout le monde le sait ! Et il est à noter qu’à entendre certaines déclarations selon lesquelles, une jeune génération de personnalités politiques aurait immergé de la révolution orange ou du coup d’Etat (cela va de soi) et que le parti politique a des programmes politiques bien définis sont totalement erronées. Puisque, d’une part, pratiquement aucune nouvelle personnalité n’a été vue sur la scène politique. Au contraire, ce sont les vieux politiciens qui composent les organes étatiques et surtout des noms qu’on avait cru, à un moment donné, oublier qui viennent de resurgir de nulle part. D’autre part, le parti TGV prône « changements et renouveau politique » alors qu’il n’y rien de nouveau. Les seules actions que ses membres connaissent tournent autour des répressions et économiquement parlant, des fixation des prix.

Bref, il faut être sourd ou aveugle pour ne pas constater ces réalités qui dominent nos vécus quotidiens. D’autres phénomènes sociaux graves viennent s’ajouter à celles-ci comme le kere ou encore l’insécurité qui vient de marquer cette période transitoire rajoelina-ienne. Enfin, le pays n’a jamais été aussi mis à mal ! Le peuple souffre car les vrais patriotes sont écartés du pouvoir sous prétexte que les « changements» priment, des changements à la façon foza qui se veulent être grandioses sans avoir l’étoffe ni les compétences nécessaires pour diriger un pays. Tel un faucon au milieu des corbeaux qui se veut être un aigle sans les ailes ni les griffes adéquates ! A bon entendeur !


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  1. Website:


    La france finance aussi des exports illegals.

    World Bank, European governments finance illegal timber exports from Madagascar

    (01/11/2010) While Madagascar’s current government has drawn sharp criticism from the international community for its failure to prevent the environmental destruction of recent months, France, Holland, Morocco, and the World Bank have all been implicated in financing illegal logging operations in Madagascar’s national parks over the past year. Even as foreign governments condemned the surge in illegal logging last year, many–either directly or through institutions they support–are shareholders in the very banks that have financed the export of illegal lumber from Madagascar’s SAVA region. The Bank of Africa Madagascar, for instance, is part owned by Proparco, a subsidiary of the Agence Française du Développement, as well as the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, Dutch development bank FMO, and the Banque Marocaine du Commerce Extérieur. Société Générale and Crédit Lyonnais, both part-owned by the French government, have also provided loans to illegal timber traders.

  2. a friend from the EU send to me this note
    un ami des EU m’a envoyé la note en bas.

    The French takeover in Madagascar (with huge oil and uranium deposits)

    « It is really unfortunate that Charles lost his credibility and any sympathy from the Malagasy because he used to be the Damocles sword of the illegitimate government. In addition, it seems that he accused now his fellows not because he has any regret of the cynical role he played, but just for revenge. Of course, the provided information somehow confirms the role played by the Andriamanjato family during the coup (and they still play a major role today behind the scene just to position the leading son for the next presidential elections).

    Those papers justify the fact that Rajoelina should not in any case run for the Office in order to resolve the crisis because it is clear now that the African charter related to illegal overthrow of governments applies to him.

    Let us not forget that the initial reaction of the foreign representatives appointed in Madagascar gave the mass protesters a green light. They basically have been duped by what is really going on because by saying nothing at the very beginning, they sent the signal that they will not support a democratically elected government in Madagascar. That was a huge mistake from their part. In addition, Rajoelina does have a huge family related connection at the United Nations. Such connection succeeded also to dupe the Organization to give support for his cause. It seems that at the very beginning many people agreed to get rid of Ravalomanana but nobody was aware of his popularity among the middle class Malagasy. Even his Prime Minister, General Rabemananjara, ran away from him at the most critical time.

    As far as the Generals specified in the papers, they just decided to replaced their stars with the ARIARY in order to be part of the new wealthy. Of course, they will call themselves non political persons because the only politics that they support is the fraudulent ARIARY that gets into their pockets.

    Charles clarified some key events but it is too little and too late, unless another renegade army officer confirms his claims. If all his is claiming is true then Rajoelina and others should be put on trial. Unfortunately, they all know everybody will forget about all of that as long as an armistice is enforced. In the meantime, well connected families are engaged in illegal and fraudulent business … that is what is really behind a lengthy transition period. »

  3. – Karen Middleton: Who Killed ‘Malagasy Cactus’? Science, Environment and Colonialism in Southern Madagascar (1924-1930). Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 25, Nr 2, June 1999, pp. 215-248.

    Here in the appendix (above) you will find the proof how the Frenchmen let die of hunger a part of the population in the south of Madagascar, mostly Antandroy

    The French introduced an insect from Mexique for to produce a colouring. They thought to obtain great profits, but they get a great famine in the south. Several Malagasies died. Rayond Decary had first the idea to produce a dye and to earn much money. But afterwards he realized that this insect would be a great danger to the existing vegetation of opuntia dilleni (figuier des indes). Before this french destruction they were herds of oxen (toupeau de boeufs) in the south of Madagascar. The opuntia had enough liquidity and the oxen need nearly nothing to drink. Decary wrote that he had warned the colonial administration, but without succes. The colonial administration saw the opportunity to make quickly much money by the production of this dye. In the book about Decary there were pictures also of Antandroy just before their death. At that time it was not possilbly to send quickly food in hungry regions. After the destruction of the opuntia vegetation you will find today deserts and forests of thorns.

    If someboy wants the story in French, he must look for:
    – M.Balard: Madagascar 1916-1945. Les regards d’un administrateur-ethnographe : Raymond Decary, Azalées Editions 2003; La famine en Androy. Chronique d’une famine annoncée – (1930-1931) p. 205-230; Destruction de la végétation des Opuntia dilleni (= indischer Feigenbaum, figuier des indes).

  4. Three Great Attacks against the Biodiversity of Madagascar, Made by Frenchmen

    First Attack against the Biodiversity after the Conquest of Madagascar
    Jennifer Cole: Forget Colonialism ? Sacrifice and the art of Memory in Madagascar. University of California Press 2001: p.321, note 21: Jean Fremigacci (1976) notes that the French colons took all the land that was good for irrigated rice farming, leaving dry rice cultivation – by means of slash-and-burn agriculture (tavy) – as the only option for most villagers if they were to avoid starvation. The cultivation of large amounts of land using slash-and-burn techniques, and the subsequent problem of deforestation, is a historical result of French policy and had little to do with age-old native custom. (Jean Fremigacci (1976): La Colonisation à Vatomandry-Mahanoro, Espérances et Desillusions (1895-1910). Omaly sy Anio, Nos. 3-4, p. 167-248 (= aussi une cause pour l’insurrection de 1947 dont cette région a été le théâtre). Article à la bibliothèque.

    The Kingdom of Madagascar was one of the first countries which made laws for to protect the forests (unfortunately only protection for the rain forests, orally since the time of Andrianampoinimerina, written by the code of 1881 or code of 305 articles ) With laws for to protect the forests Madagascar was earlier than the most European States.

    Interpretation by the : « Antananarivo Annual and Madagascar Magazine », 1893, page. 104: « The Arab Element in South-East Madagascar ». By the example of the Antaimoros were proofs, that the population preferred the rice of irrigation more than the rice from tavy. It seems that this would also be the same for the Betsimisaraka before the french conquest. .

  5. Y en assez de « changements ». Rien que de devoir vivre chaque jour dans ce bilan laissé par le changement orange, ça ne revêt que de connotations négatives.
    LES ESPRITS SE FOCALISENT SUR « Comment relever le pays après le chaos »…

    Je désire tant qu’il puisse avoir lieu de débats entre femmes/jeunes HATiens versus MAGROistes!

  6. Il faut envoyer ces articles sur le site de green peace,sur le blog de José bovet et Eva Joly et sur le site de l’unesco.

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