Report to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Extraordinary Summit on Madagascar

1. We record the deep gratitude of the entire Malagasy nation to SADC for the efforts being made to solve the political impasse in our beloved country.

2. We deeply appreciate the efforts made by the mediators and all the countries of SADC and recommit ourselves, to strive to attain peace in our country.

3. This document is an aide memoire to SADC Heads of State, senior members of the Executive of SADC member countries, as well as the SADC mediators.

4. It offers a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Madagascar, and outlines the view of Mouvance Ravalomanana, which acts in concert with the other two major mouvances in Madagascar headed by former presidents Ratsiraka and Zafy.

5. It has been prepared specifically to be considered alongside and to balance any report that may be submitted to the Extraordinary Summit on Madagascar by the so-called High Authority on Transition (HAT) and the SADC mediation team

6. The last report submitted to the Organ on the 31st March 2011, by the mediators contained items that, in our view, were factually incorrect and/or severely biased. (In Appendix 1 we attach our Observations about the Mediator’s Report, dated April 14; for your consideration)

7. The Mediators’ report was not shared with us for comment before it was submitted to the meeting of the SADC Troika.

8. We deem it prudent to present our report directly to the SADC Extraordinary Summit, with a request that it be tabled.


Lire ici…Report to the Sadc Extraordinary Summit


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